Sexy European Moms Sell Toothpaste

Speaking of naked Europeans working their bodies to sell you their products, check out this absolutely astonishing ad for Beverly Hills Toothpaste.

Stay Free claims that “even if your mother is beautiful, there’s nothing sexy about her”. I don’t know, man – my mom never looked like that.

Other thoughts:

  • James certainly can rattle off a number of official sources when trying to make a point to his hot, naked mum, can’t he?
  • This advertisement, including a variation of the dental hygiene wording (“Bad diseases can start in your…”), was originally rejected by a British douche company as being too disconcerting
  • Look at the grin on the kid’s face: a young boy’s dismay at being dragged to do a toothpaste advertisement when he could be at home stuffing his mug with crisps and playing Nintendo suddenly blossoms into one of those definitive moments in a male’s life – namely, the first time he sees a beautiful woman naked, wet and jiggling.
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