Kicking Ass and Taking Names

This is certainly one way to garner the attention of an insurance company: Register a domain with the name of the company’s Chairman. is the home of “21st Century Claim #286788,” where the story of a Jaguar S-Type, practically ruined by the penetrating front end of a Hummer H2, is told. Rather than total the car as requested, 21st Century chose to repair the vehicle.

The claimant of the site seems the sort of person to hold his insurance company to the letter of their contract, racking up $11k in rental car expenses while waiting for resolution. (We call that ‘going for the gold.’) It seems to be working, however, garnering a fair amount of press and some degree of resolution. According to his last update, he might even get 21st Century to pay for his domain registration and web hosting fees. (Thanks, Brian!)

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