The Consumerist Shops: Beanie Bargains

We recently used Etsy to commission a hand-knit beanie for just $15 from the lovely Nguyen Le, whose work we had see after a post on BoingBoing detailing her knitted ‘power cord’ belt. We like commissioning things—it makes us feel important—and it’s nice to think that one’s money is going directly to the person who made your custom kit. (We’re using a picture of Nguyen’s awesome Tangerine Felted Bag, because while our beanie is lovely, that bag is ever more so.)

In some of the back-and-forth with Nguyen, we noticed an AdWords ad for another place selling beanies: Terence Int’l, aka For around $30, they sell beanies by the dozen, in a variety of styles and colors, including the oh-so-snappy beanies with visors. Unfortunately, they don’t sell a combo pack with one of every color, but you can’t beat the price (even if half of that price is shipping and handling). We’re glad we bought Nguyen’s hat, but we might end up picking up a dozen of the generics as well, just as spares.

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