QWK.net ISP Kicks Off Customer, Then Tries to Have Her Shut Down at New ISP

This one is a little hard to follow, but we think we’ve got it straight. Roughly, here is the sequence of events:

• Soccer mom hotlinks an image from Quibbling.net, stealing the latter’s bandwidth.

• Quibbling.net’s Tiffany makes a little web magic on her server that switches the stolen image to one depicting two men rutting, which automagically replaces the image on the soccer mom’s website.

• Soccer mom flips.

• Soccer mom writes QWK.net, Tiffany’s ISP, who revokes the Quibbling.net hosting account for ‘hosting hardcore pornography.’

Okay, pretty simple stuff there, although we can never stop gigggling at the ol’ hotlink gay porn swap. A classic since Rayn Goatse’d CNN.com after they hotlinked his 9/11 ‘devil in the dust’ image.

But then it gets nasty! (After the jump!)

• QWK.net’s Quinn Whipple sends a ‘cease-and-desist’ email to Tiffany, because she is writing about the company on her newly-hosted blog.

• Tiffany laughs.

• And laughs.

• Tiffany posts the new email on her site, noting also that Mr. Whipple had cc’d the email to Tiffany’s new ISP’s owner and abuse team. Her former host was trying to get her shut down on her new host, for explaining why she left.

• We post this sequence of events on The Consumerist.

• Dozens of people glance over it before going on to read tips on using fur hats to save airline seats.

• We sip some tea and thank Tom for the tip.

(Thanks, Tom!)