At The Other End of the Line: (Purported) T-Mobile Edition

We have it on good word that this is a picture from inside a T-Mobile call center. While we want to point out that yes, he frightens us, we have to grudgingly applaud his ability to carve out his own embarrassing style in the midst of a sea of cubicles.

Feel free to help us confirm the true workplace of “Grace Jones’ albino brother” should you know. And of course send us any pictures of customer service reps you feel worthy of our attention. (Thanks, foist and famewhore!)


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  1. Martha says:

    And there, ladies and gentlemen, is the reason why TMobile customer service rocks: it’s manned by human beings. With personality! I bet that’s the very guy who told me that I could get way cheaper wifi access if I associated the account with my cell phone.

  2. JNelsonW says:

    The hearse ad he’s posted on his cubicle (top right of pic) is a nice touch. Lord knows what magazine one would find such a thing in.

  3. Papercutninja says:

    oh for gods sake, please let this be for a halloween party..

  4. Paul D says:

    If the pic is indeed legit, it’s nice to see a workplace that recognizes the fact that you don’t need to dress “professional” if no one’s gonna see you. (That’s a peeve of mine.)

  5. Jen says:

    That makes me proud to be a T-Mobile customer.

  6. non-meat-stick says:

    nice salt and pepper shakers. This guy doesn’t get a long enough break to not eat at his desk. But I am totally jealous, I can’t dress like that or have toys on my desk. But I can screw around on the internet all I want!

  7. konstantConsumer says:

    i was under the impression that most phone-only jobs such as this had very liberal dress codes. i know that lots of transgendered people get jobs doing telemarketing, since they don’t have to worry about how the average person would perceive their dress. it makes sense that customer service jobs would be the same.

  8. tomdobb says:

    I applied for a job working for an MBNA call center when I was in college and all men were required to wear dress pants, shoes, shirt and tie, which I never quite understand since no one would ever see you. Women, for some reason, didn’t appear to have any dress codes other than not being allowed to wear sneakers, jeans or t-shirts and many came to work in khakis and a hoodie. I chose to be poor instead of working there.

  9. micah says:

    god bless those germans.

  10. Roxstar says:

    When I was in college, I worked in a tech support call center. We made $8.65/hr (double min wage) and our dress code included neckties and dress shoes. Reeeetarded.

    I’m now in the top 5% and can wear shorts and sandles if I want. I prefer jeans and hoodies. Go figure.

  11. ShizaMinelli says:

    I didn’t realize Boy George had children