Best Prices on Free Software

Open source software is great for cheapskates, because so often those commie programmers give away perfectly saleable software for free. The licenses under which much free software is released are pretty liberal, but were probably not meant to be so free as to let clumsily-named websites sell the software as their own.

For only $30, Luxuriousity will sell you a copy of their Photo Editor Software, which we have on good word from a random Digg commentor that this software is actually The GIMP, the infamous completely-free competitor to Photoshop. (They also throw in two identical images of a smiling old man with glasses, who we have on good word from the police takes telephoto pictures of boys in swim trunks.)

It might be legal to repackage and resell many of these software packages, but that’s not the point. Luxuriousity isn’t adding the least bit of value beyond pressing a CD. If you choose their ‘Instant Download’ options, you’ve literally paid $30 to download software from the internet that you could get from thousands of other sites for free.


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  1. airship says:

    P. T. Barunum assured us over a century ago that ‘there’s a sucker born every minute’, and unfortunately it’s still not illegal to make money off of that principle.

  2. Ico jones says:

    PT Barnum never said that. It was said by a competitor about the people who paid Barnum to see the Cardiff Giant.

  3. magican says:

    It irritates me that the uninformed rant about things they know absolutely nothing about.

    If you read the GNU license, it actually ENCOURAGES everyone to resell open source, GNU licensed code or software. AT THE HIGHEST possible dollar amount.

    But vegetarian, tree hugging purist’s that don’t take the time to actually read anything simply assume that open source defined is ‘free’. It’s not.

    Get it together and read up on the subject before you decide to look down from your perch and pass judgment.