Europe On Track to Pay Too Much for American Imperialist Pap (Still)

Poor Europe. Our friends in the Old Countries are constantly being squeezed by American technology companies, with prices for items like electronics and software at a huge premium to their American equivalents.

Take Apple, for instance. Their new MacBook laptop goes for $1,999 here in the States, while the exact same machine in Europe goes for €2,179—a $640 price difference at current exchange rates. (Purchasing in UK Pounds is a little better, at only a $520 premium.)

While some price difference is understandable—nothing wrong with taking a little advantage in an exchange rate, after all—technology buyers, so comfortable with online shopping and comparison, often feel more aware of the pinch more immediately than regular retail buyers.

So from America to you, European friends: Sorry! As points out, it’s not going to get any better soon.

Update: A few people have pointed out that we’re not taking the built-in VAT tax into account. Okay, fine! It’s still more expensive, although not nearly as dramatic. You people are totally screwing with our ability to make mountains from molehills.

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