Manhattan Eating: Delicious Discounts

While we doubt that we’re being given “inside information” as our source purports, the new ‘Delicious Discounts‘ program for Manhattan restaurants doesn’t seem half bad. The service aggregates over a thousand Manhattan (and soon Brooklyn) restaurants, searchable by proximity to your address. Each time you try a new restaurant—and we don’t yet know how Delicious Discounts can tell if it’s new to you—you “automatically receive 20-25% off your first order from that restaurant,” says our ‘source.’

Now that we think about it, if it’s just for delivery (it is), we suppose the restaurants would keep track based on your address. Anyway, it’s got potential if you get a lot of delivery in Manhattan or would just like to try out new places. Plus, since the restaurants know it is your first order, one would hope they’d go the extra mile to impress. If you live elsewhere, our advice would be to move to New York. (Seriously, cheap, quality delivery is the best thirty pounds we’ve ever gained.)


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  1. Johnny says:

    “Delicious Discounts” is actually just a new promotion. “SeamlessWeb” is the online delivery service, and it has been around for a while. (The post seems a little confused on this point.) Nonetheless, I’ve ordered from SeamlessWeb dozens of times and it is, well, seamless. They appear to be slowly but steadily adding new restaurants to the roster, so in the past year their selection has gone from “fair” to “pretty good.”

    If SeamlessWeb doesn’t have the place you like, there’s always MenuPages, which has an online version of just about every take-out menu in the city. But they don’t offer online ordering, so you’ll have to talk to the rude, incomprehensible pizza guy yourself.

  2. pareene says:

    Zipmenu provides the same service in much of Brooklyn. No fancy promotions at the moment, but I did just use it to order a six-pack of Reingold.

  3. kowgurl says:

    Also offers the luxury of ordering food without any human contact….

  4. People Paula says:

    Let’s get this to Los Angeles. And while we’re at it, an LA version of