Scam Alert: Entertainment Rewards and Ticketmaster

We’ve gotten a report that the “Entertainment Rewards” scam is still going on, despite a cooling down of complaints online at sites like Rip Off Report and Entertainment Reward Scam.

How does this scam work? It seems that after buying tickets from—often your only option, but we’ll leave that scam alone for a moment—many people are finding $9 charges to their credit card, despite choosing to opt out of any additional post-sale enticements.

Entertainment Rewards are the same folks who publish the coupon books often used as fund-raising fodder by local schools and other children’s groups. They also happen to be a subsidiary of InterActiveCorp, the same holding company that owns Ticketmaster. According to well-documented accusations, is passing along personal information including credit card numbers to its sister company, who then signs up customers for the $9-a-month Entertainment Rewards program. When customers call to complain that they never signed up for the service, Entertainment Rewards’ CSRs assure them that they opted in to the program (even when they clearly remember they did not and can even back up their claim with web logs showing that no additional data was passed to after the purchase was completed).

If you’ve been scammed into the Entertainment Rewards charge, your first step should be to call the customer service number and have it immediately refunded. (Entertainment Reward Scam has the numbers and some tips.)

The next step? We’re smelling class action.

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