The Times on Price Rite Photo

At the nadir of every story comes the inevitable New York Times retrospective, and The Thomas Hawk Affair is no exception. It’s good to hear this about camera scam artists Price Rite Photo:

The last best address leads to a metallic gray warehouse by the waterfront in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Trash haulers go about and there is a dull buzzing sound in the hallway. Graffiti gives information that white people are devils. [Duh! -Ed.]

Envelopes marked Price Rite Photo are stacked by a door. No one has picked up the mail since the business quit the premises two months ago, said Robert Colon, the handyman. Telephone calls to the company go unreturned.

We can’t help but think that all this hooplah has only served to force Price Rite Photo’s proprietors underground, where they’ll soon be chewing their way back into the moldy basements of online commerce. But since that’s always the best we can hope for short of healthy prison sentences, we’ll try to enjoy this brief lull in online camera scamming thanks to Thomas Hawk and Don Wiss’s diligence.