A Moment in Sucking Less: Threadless Has Hoodies

Outright praise on The Consumerist is rare, but we’ve had nothing but excellent experiences with Threadless (ignoring the slight delay in their normally expeditious shipping during the Christmas rush). So consider this an exceptional free bit of shillery, on the occasion of their announcement that they will now be selling, in addition to their trademark t-shirts, hoodies.

Sadly, one of the huge advantages of Threadless is their low prices—the frequent $10 t-shirt sales are sublime—so we’ll probably wait until the prices drop a bit. We know that hoodies cost more than t-shirts to produce, but $40 is still too rich for our blood. We wait anxiously for the next sale, when we expect the price of remaindered hoodies to drop to $20.

(Of course, lest it go without saying, in typical Consumerist spirit, if you’ve had a problem with Threadless, please let us know via email or comments.)

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