Failing Enterprise: Rent-A-Car Corral

Renting cars is a monumental pain in the rear. (We have our own saga that we will probably be discussing in the near future.) We don’t have a particular preference for rental agencies, as they all seem bound by a byzantine set of regulations and limitations that are designed to extract every dollar while at the same time limiting your ability to actually rent a vehicle.

Some people apparently don’t think much of Enterprise rent-a-car, however, and one has set up ‘,’ where he not only details his personal problems with the company, but has set up forums for others to “share their misery” and a blog that details his ongoing attempts at a satisfactory resolution.

The claim to be the “2nd most popular company complaint site,” so if you’ve got an inkling to take on a company yourself, you could do worse than to use Failing Enterprise as a template. (The first most popular?

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