Morning Deals Round-Up

• If yesterday’s $20 boxed set of Firefly snuck by you (as it did us), take advantage of today’s $22 deal from Slow shipping is free. [via Slickdeals]

• If you’ve got some time this morning, have a gander at Alex’s Coupons, a bargain site that helps support a young girl with leukemia.

• Amazon’s Friday Sale lives, including the crazy deep discounts on Calphalon pans. Don’t forget to use the HOHOHOHO code for $25 off $125 in Housewares, should it apply.

• Best Buy is selling the complete Mr. Show collection for $40. You’ve got to follow your balloon.

• Today’s Woot! The refurbished HP F1903 19 inch LCD Monitor for $245, shipped. Not a bad deal in general, but not amazing. If you’re feeling up to a rebate, Newegg has the Fujiplus FP-988D Silver-Black 19″ 12MS monitor for $290 with a $90 mail-in rebate, plus shipping.

Update: Reader Rob offers this dissent: Eck. “These [Fujiplus] are horrible monitors, and $200 is actually a high price for them. I’ve seen them down in the $170s. They are not made by Fuji, the Japanese firm that makes decent cameras, but instead by some low-quality manufacturer. Check out their Web site,” Informed!