Customers R Dumb: Clientcopia and Lone Star Statements

As we approach the New Year, let we consumers take a moment of quiet reflection to acknowledge that often we are as dumb as dirt. Before you make that phone call to customer service or write up your blistering review of your latest book, read up on the sort of teeth-crunchingly idiotic things clients and customers have said in the last year.

Clientcopia has nearly four thousand anecdotes submitted by readers, each one illuminating the executive brain drain that is depleting the cognitive function of our nation’s corporate ranks. And just to add to the experience, Clientcopia lets you rank each “Stupid Client Quote” on a five-star scale. Warning: Inexplicable audio on site load, so turn down your speakers should you need to pretend to be working.

And since it’s the last publishing day of the year, you might revisit Matthew Baldwin’s brilliant Lone Star Statements, an excerpt of one-star reviews from Amazon of some of Time’s best 100 novels series.

Says one reviewer about Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow:

When one contrasts Vonnegut
s Slaughterhouse-Five with this book, it
s like comparing an Olympic sprinter with an obese man running for the bus with a hot dog in one hand and a soda in the other.

[via Kottke]