Virgin Mary, Veil of Latex

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Quite the boner:

Quite the boner:

An advertisement for a statue of the Virgin Mary veiled in a condom has embarrassed the publishers of the U.S. Catholic magazine America, and prompted some heated comment on Catholic Web sites.

America, a weekly run by the Jesuit order of priests, said in a statement it was embarrassed and offended by the ad, which it said had been published unknowingly in its December 5 edition.

The apparent prank by a London-based artist offered what he called the “Extra Virgin” statue for sale, “a stunning … statue of the Virgin Mary standing atop a serpent wearing a delicate veil of latex.”

Naturally, the Jesuit priests are both embarrassed (which we all can understand) and offended by the ad. After all, what person in our society today isn’t de rigeur offended by absolutely everything they remotely disagree with?

On the other hand, could someone explain why the Virgin Mary using a condom would make her “extra” virgin? Cavalierly brandishing a flaccid condom about, at the very least, usually implies a healthy menu of carnal penetration… a course pretty much the anti-thesis of plain old virginity, let alone “extra” virginity.

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