Time To Make The Sausages… In Hell… Out Of People Probably

It’s been a sad holiday season in regards to the deaths of advertising foodstuff icons. First, Michael Vale, the charming Dunkin’ Donuts dude. And now, Santos-Linguisa-cum-San-Quentin “Sausage King” Stuart Alexander, who passed away on Death Row where he was incarcerated for shooting three sausage inspectors in 2000.

From SFist:

Seems Stuart Alexander, the “Sausage King” of Santos Linguisa in San Leandro, was being investigated by the Food Safety and Inspection Service for not cooking his famed linguisa sausage at the proper temperature. He claimed that the higher temperature required after the E. Coli outbreaks would ruin the taste of his sausage. After being shutdown, he continued to ship sausage out of state – making his crime a federal offense. But that’s only where the mayhem begins.

After Mr. Alexander’s death, one of the health inspector’s daughters confidently observed:

“I’m sorry that he will spend his Christ-less eternity in hell…”

Yikes! Merry Christmas to you too, lady.

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