Afternoon Freebies: Asteroid Lotion Elves

• Get your name on a microchip that isn’t inside a robot from the future, thanks to NASA’s Dawn space craft. Soon your name will reside with thousands of others on a dead rock in the cold reaches of space.

• Have a sample of Johnson’s Sooth Naturals Skin care cream. From a company, not us. We won’t give you a baby, either, but if you ask nicely, we will take your unwanted children away to be made into more lotion.

• Ask yourself if today is the day to lose again at The Dell Game. Of course, you know that it is, but you click anyway, programmed.

• Okay, this isn’t really a freebie, but we’ll toss it in: What it takes to get a ‘Free’ Mac Mini (or iPod, or PSP, or Whatever); One Man’s Journey