Cheap A/V Accessories

For years, we’ve advised people who need audio-visual accessories—especially the little stuff, like cables—to shop on eBay. And we still do—there are some great deals to be found out there. But the next time we need a component video cable or a fiber-optic audio Toslink cable, we’re going to try Here’s why:

They are cheap as hell and have a totally decent Reseller Rating.

A/V accessories are some of the most overblown, overpriced consumer products out there. In almost all cases, a cable is a cable, and companies like Best Buy make a killing selling you quality, but horrendously-priced products like those from Monster Cable.

We’re giving Monoprice a shot. We just purchased three generic 6-foot optical audio cables from Monoprice for $10.79, shipped. For the same product from Best Buy (and we chose the cheaper, Acoustic Research brand), the shipped price was $97.47 (again, for three).

Think someone is making some money somewhere?

Update: Reader Miriam sent in this handy guide to speaker/audio wires. The lesson? cheap is fine.

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