Afternoon Freebies: FÜNDE RAZOR

Dell Game! Guess what we won today? What is the opposite of our dignity?

• Get five free Irwin Blue Blade Bi-Metal Utility Blades by filling out a survey form. Arm panty hose and Livejournal/myspace account not included.

• This 2006 California Raisins calendar has a serious lack of claymation motown fruits on it, and does not compare in the least to the stunning calendar we received from our Chinese food delivery guy, with a picture of a swimsuit girl pasted in front of a Ferarri pasted in front of the White House.

• And a little self-shilling for our New York City readers. Tonight, The Consumerist will be helping with FÜNDE RAZOR, where we’ll be raffling a bevy of prizes, including one brand new Microsoft Xbox 360 Premium. Come on out to Barcade in Brooklyn if you have a chance to drink good beer, play video games, and raise money for the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore via the Child’s Play Charity. Get all your details here.

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