The Sucks Site Review: is an odd duck in the Suck Site menagerie. While the genesis of most Suck Sites is a bad product or interaction with a company, MitsuSuko (our new abbreviation) seems to hate Mitsubishi primarily for their actions in World War II.

In Korea, Japanese firms used about 5 million Koreans as slave laborers, Oh Heun Kwon of Los Angeles was a slave labor at a Mitsubishi shipbuilding plant in Japan in 1944 of whom about 250,000 were taken to Japan, said a lawyer for plaintiffs seeking compensation from firms like Nippon Steel U.S.A. Inc. and Mitsubishi Corp. 500,000 Filipinos served as slave laborers, according to him.

Oh come on. If we refused to shop at every company that enslaved a few hundred thousand Filipinos we’d never be able to wear any shoes, let alone shop for cars or electronics.

We support the collection of information about Mitsubishi’s product problems, however, and are glad to see both crash test and sales data about Mitsubishi’s flagging automobile sales.

MitsuSuko’s maintainer, like a girlfriend past, is obviously a detail-oriented person who just can’t let a little slavery go. The site is ugly on purpose, featuring a boring fractal sidebar which is actually credited. Perhaps it is used because it looks like an eclipse—a name shared by one of Mitsubishi’s most popular cars—but it is also looks a little bit like the Japanese flag by way of Goatse. It’s an unintentional psychic windfall.

The Consumerist’s Suck Rating: 350,000 stumbling marchers out of 500,000. Boring, vindictive, but useful.

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