Afternoon Freebies: Gay Wallet Follies

The Dell Game continues apace. Tug the stockings to win a prize, or more likely, a coupon for percentage off discounts on Dell products.

• For the hobo in need of a vacation, AirTran is accepting 20 or 32 oz drink proof of purchase from Wendy’s as 1/4 Rewards credits. Confusing? This is easier: dig 32 cups out of the dumpster, get a free domestic flight. (Taxes and fees apply, so try to dig out a watch or some gold fillings while you’re down there.) You can redeem up to 128 Wendy’s cups.

• Sign up for dude’s debt consolidation information, get a proudly homosexual wallet. We’re sure there is a connection, but we leave it to your and your johns to discover it.

• Trade your personal information to Toys R Us for a chance to win an Xbox 360 … next year.

Free Playtex Sipster cup from Juicy Juice when you use this code: 6F6468291. Yes, that Playtex.


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  1. YMMV RADIO says:

    AirTran coupons are all over craigslist for 1/2 the price of ebay. You can pay about $25 for a roundtrip right now. Every Wendys has school kids camped out at the trash cans after 2:30, so if you plan to pick them yourself, get there around 1 when the kids are still in school.