Morning Deals Round-Up

The Ultimate Matrix Limited Edition Collector’s Set – $35. Because the only thing better than watching The Matrix is watching The Matrix for thirty-five hours. We’re only telling you so you can save yourself a click to Woot.
Hidden Flower Vibrating Thai Jelly Beads Butt Plug Vibrator – $5 + S&H. Original list price for $70, this unit is “impervious to oils” and “allows some resillience but will not collapse.” Make it your first vibrating butt plug today. [via Slickdeals]
Amazon’s Sports & Outdoors 24 Hour Sale’s GQ 3131 AMD Sempron 2400+ PC w/Linspire 5.0 – $160 + $15 S&H. This is a full-blown machine, sans monitor, running a version of Linux. It’s not going to be a gaming beast, but if you need a second computer or want to give one to your grandma to ignore for Christmas, this ain’t shabby. Here’s a review.