Consumerites Speak: jetBlue’s New York -> Boston Route Snags

Reader Alexis offers this harrowing tale of jetBlue’s new New York-to-Boston route:

Mechanical problems on Tuesday. So we had to wait until they had a free plane. Last night they didn’t get the plane back from NY (might have been weather related). They handed out Dunkin’ Donuts to make up for everything. Right. [That’s actually pretty, well, not classy, but something. – Ed.]

Also direcTV had not been activated yet. All monitors read “On Time” under departures and arrivals.

And they would not put the 10am passengers on the 11:30 flight, like they would if there were mechanical issues on the shuttle. All other flights scheduled before and after us on Tuesday left on time.

Also, in Boston, they shut down the magazine and food stands at 9pm so there was nothing to buy/eat/read. And no wireless internet (which they have in NY – except it only worked sporadically while was there).

Looks like somebody’s FlightStats are about to take a nose dive.