Mega-Churches: Why Pray More?

Mega-churches have been slowly coalescing since at least the ’70s (and have a historical thread in the evangelical tent revival of the 1800s), but recent experiments in super-sizing the Body of Christ have taken things to a new level in large. See, for instance, Lakewood Church, who recently completed a $90+ million renovation on the Compaq Center, former home of the Houston Rockets.

To their credit, Lakewood does not solicit money on their weekly over-the-air broadcasts. Apparently, the 30,000 or more weekly attendees generate enough money to keep the Southern Baptist offshoot alive and amplified. With a per capita income in Houston of $20,101 and the traditional 10% yearly tithe, Lakewood Church should be bringing in over sixty million dollars a year.

Let’s get ready to hummmble!

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