This Is Your Last Chance To Help Consumerist And Cut Your 2010 Taxes

This Is Your Last Chance To Help Consumerist And Cut Your 2010 Taxes

Hi, Tax Cat here. If you’re looking for a way to cut your 2010 taxes, and show the Consumerist some love, have I got a deal for you! But hurry. You’ve got just a few more hours to do it. [More]

Donate To Consumerist And Get A Tax Deduction

Donate To Consumerist And Get A Tax Deduction

Tax Cat here, taking over from my cousin Holiday Cat, to remind you of an important deadline: You have until midnight on Friday to make a donation to Consumerist and use it as a deduction on your 2010 taxes. Consumerist? Tax deduction? That’s right. Consumer Media LLC, a not-for-profit Delaware limited liability corporation, publishes The Consumerist. We’re looking to raise $10,000 in the next few weeks. Help us now, and 2011 will be an even more awesome year for this site. That is why you should give us some money. Also: there are other reasons. [More]

Consumerists Raise $6,318.17

Consumerists Raise $6,318.17

Muchos gracias everyone who chipped in during our Consumerist $10 for $10,000 donation drive. We only got to $6,318.17, but hey, for a recession, that’s still pretty great. You can donate at any time throughout the year, just hit the “donate” button at the top of the page, or visit (FAQ). Thanks again! Now back to your regularly scheduled programming, already in progress. [More]

Consumerists Raise $5,113.30

Consumerists Raise $5,113.30

You guys have opened up your hearts and wallets to us mightily, raising $5,113.30. Thanks! Every donation makes you a stakeholder in the future of Consumerist. Every dollar is a vote for independent, non-profit, ad-free blogging, for your right to get what you deserve from in the marketplace, and to mock those who don’t live up to their part of the bargain. We’re ending this drive Monday, let’s give it a last weekend push and see how much closer we can get to $10k! (Today is payday, right? nudge nudge, even just ten bucks gets us closer to our goal) (FAQ) [More]

Halfway To Our Donation Goal! $4,870.44 Raised

Halfway To Our Donation Goal! $4,870.44 Raised

Thank you! Consumerist readers have donated $4,870.44 to our donation drive, putting us within spitting distance of being halfway to the $10,000 we’re aiming for. You contribution helps shoulder the burden of putting on this crazy blog show with over 30 posts a day and new content nearly 365 days a year. To help us meet our goal, out, visit (FAQ). P.S. Thank you for all the cat pictures you guys gave last time. [More]

$4,675.44 Raised – Mountain Of Candy Explodes

$4,675.44 Raised – Mountain Of Candy Explodes

We know why you read Consumerist and why you donate. For one thing, it’s for our gripping reports from the front-lines of candy stores across America. [More]

Cat Picture Shortage Detected: Donate Now!

Cat Picture Shortage Detected: Donate Now!

In this informative video, Ben demonstrates how the scientifically-calibrated instruments at Consumer Reports have determined there is a severe shortage of cat photos on Consumerist. With your support, we can work together to alleviate this crisis. (btw – we know about the Paypal problems where some people’s transactions weren’t completing and they would get bounced back to the main screen, are very sorry about them, and have disabled Paypal until we get it straightened out). [More]

Consumerist Is A Non-Profit. You Can Give Us Money And Deduct It.

Consumerist Is A Non-Profit. You Can Give Us Money And Deduct It.

Hello there. The deadline for donating money to a wonderful non-profit such as (for your 2009 taxes) is basically here. (Consumer Media LLC, a not-for-profit Delaware limited liability corporation, publishes The Consumerist.) That is why you should give us some money. Also: there are other reasons. [More]

Donation Drive Raises $8,292.04

Donation Drive Raises $8,292.04

Thank you everyone who contributed to! Together we raised $8,292.04 for Consumerist. Thank you for your awesome show of support. The monies raised will go to help defray the costs of writers’ salaries, servers and legal costs for the site. Now, as promised as a sort of cherry on top of this whole endeavor, stay tuned for the Consumer Reports Snuggie test video… (Photo: Kila (kee-la))

New Video! The Adventures Of Getting Meg To Wear Her Lab Coat

New Video! The Adventures Of Getting Meg To Wear Her Lab Coat

Yes, it’s hard to get Meg to cooperate and be a team player. Check out the newest Tip Jar Video (we’re at $7,947.74 through, can we get to $10k?) to see what Ben had to go through to get his rascally co-editor to play ball and wear her lovely powder blue lab coat.

Consumerist Starts Taking It Seriously?

Consumerist Starts Taking It Seriously?

Why so serious? Can all these companies really be taking all of these incidents as seriously as they say? Or is “taking it seriously” really just “disaster ketchup,” an all-purpose phrase you can toss on any situation and mask the underlying bad taste it leaves in your mouth? We have no idea, we just know that as long as companies keep messing up, “taking it seriously” will still be with us. However, we have our own policy about “taking it seriously” on Consumerist, which you’ll have to watch this video of me inside the Consumers Union anechoic testing chamber to find out. And if it’s a policy you agree with, shove some bucks in our tipjar at

Meg & Ben Dance-Fight The Shaky Machine

Meg & Ben Dance-Fight The Shaky Machine

Ain’t no party like a shaky-machine party! Meg and I were cruising through the halls of Consumers Union, sporting our awesome lab coats, and then we came across this thing. It’s a machine whose whole purpose is to shake. Oh, and tap. That’s not a bad way to go through life. We tried to communicate with it through the universal language of dance. Not sure if what we were saying came out right, we were trying to tell it it should visit and toss a few bucks in our tipjar, but I think what came out is that we all agreed to go on a bicycle tour of Europe together this summer.

Help Fill Our Tipjar (Or Just Watch Videos of Ben & Meg in Lab Coats)

Help Fill Our Tipjar (Or Just Watch Videos of Ben & Meg in Lab Coats)

Click the button to the left or visit to help support the blog by feeding our tipjar. Thanks!

Answering Some Of Your Tip Jar Questions

Answering Some Of Your Tip Jar Questions

I’ve noticed a few recurring questions and themes in the tip jar comments, so I’m going to take my best crack at answering them.



Besides Mangurt, we’ve signed a second sponsor to supplant the lovely bucks going in to (which we are extremely grateful for, thank you, 468 people and $6,961.63). I’m really excited about this one, not the least of which is because I get to keep several free samples. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you, MICROPONY!



Sorry guys, you just didn’t donate enough. Our tipjar,, has raised $5,639.67 so far with 392 donors. In these tough times, that doesn’t cut the mustard. We’re going to have to start taking sucking down some payola. We’ve already signed our first sponsor: MANGURT.

$4,334.86 Raised, Ben Eager To Test Snuggie

$4,334.86 Raised, Ben Eager To Test Snuggie

280 people have donated $4,334.86 to The Consumerist tip jar so far, hootie-hoo. The average donation is $15.48, which surprises me because I ask, “don’t people know you can give as little as two bucks? C’mon, just two bucks to spare at” But I don’t get any response back because I’m still locked inside the Consumer Reports anechoic chamber and there’s no echo. The odd shape of the sound baffling has ceased to baffle me. Instead, it has become my friend. There’s just one thought on my mind. Well, two, really. Firstly, how do I escape. Lastly, I can’t wait to get Consumer Reports to test the Snuggie!

$3,269.84 Raised So Far, Ben Still Stuck In Anechoic Chamber

$3,269.84 Raised So Far, Ben Still Stuck In Anechoic Chamber

So far 207 people have donated $3,269.84 to The Consumerist Tip Jar. Woo! We’re stoked. We’ve got 3 more weeks of this fund-drive and I bet we can raise a bunch more. Which would be really nice, because, as you can see in this video, I’m still stuck in Consumer Union’s anechoic chamber (a room that has no echo) and having a chair malfunction. See, they’re really serious about keeping us free from commercial influence. That’s why there’s no ads from outside companies on the site that might influence our coverage. But sticking me in an echo-less chamber might be going a little too far. I can hear my own heart beat in my ears. So visit and help us out, and maybe they’ll let me out!