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(Josh Derr)

After 80-Year Ban, SEC Says Hedge Funds Can Now Advertise

Isn’t that one huge billboard for that hedge fund just so incredibly annoying? No, it isn’t, because until just about now, hedge funds and other firms that rely on private investments haven’t been able to advertise for investors publicly. That’s all about to change, as the Securities and Exchange Commission adopted a new rule yesterday that ditches an 80-year ban on ad restrictions. [More]

NBA Opens The Door To Ads On Jerseys

NBA Opens The Door To Ads On Jerseys

While fans of sports like soccer, golf, tennis and NASCAR are used to the sight of corporate logos on competitors’ uniforms, the major professional team sports in the U.S. — baseball, football, hockey, and basketball — have generally resisted allowing sponsors to slap their brand on a players’ uniform. But that could all change with a decision announced last night by the NBA. [More]