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Our Brief Hazelnut Nightmare Is Over: Ferrero Bestows Its Blessing On World Nutella Day

Remember when that pack of slavering corporate lawyers went after a helpless World Nutella Day, hounding it through the woods and nipping at its heels, trying to silence its delicious message forever? Hush now, that was aaaaall a bad dream, since Ferrero has called off its ravenous legal team and decided to let World Nutella Day live on. [More]


One Woman’s Quest To Celebrate Nutella Earns Her A Decidedly Untasty Cease-And-Desist Letter

Oh, Nutella — that hazelnut chocolate spread beloved by so many as a spreadable form of candy. Maybe you love Nutella so much you were planning on celebrating with World Nutella Day. Too bad, as the company apparently isn’t a fan of its fans, and apparently issued a cease-and-desist letter to the woman who founded the celebration seven years ago. [More]