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(Mike Mozart)

AT&T To Pay $105 Million To Settle Wireless Bill-Cramming Charges

In a few minutes, the Federal Trade Commission, the FCC and attorneys general from 50 states and the District of Columbia will announce a $105 million deal with AT&T that settles allegations that the company has profited off the practice known as “bill-cramming,” third-party charges illegally placed on customers’ wireless bills without authorization. [More]

Airman Racks Up $16,000 In Roaming Charges In 6 Days

Airman Racks Up $16,000 In Roaming Charges In 6 Days

Usually when we write about someone racking up insanely high phone charges, it involves a trip outside the U.S. borders, but here’s a post about a member of the U.S. Air Force who found himself facing more than $16,000 in roaming charges after short visit to his family in Sacramento. [More]