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Alan Rappa

Majority Of Shoppers Using Amazon To Search For Products, Even If They Buy Elsewhere

For years we’ve talked about “showrooming” — the practice of going to a bricks-and-mortar retailer just to look at a product you intend to buy online, and now Amazon has apparently supplanted traditional search engines as the place for most Americans to begin their product hunt.

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Travelers: Sorry, The Mold Between Your Window Panes Is Your Problem

A California man noticed weird, fuzzy dirt between the panes his windows. It wasn’t plain old dirt, but mold. Ew, mold! He called his homeowner’s insurance company to report the problem, and learned that not only did they not cover mold removal services, but that he now had twenty days to take care of the problem himself, or get his policy dropped. Oops. [More]

Not one of the new windows, mind you. (erikg)

eBay Gets Literal With Window Shopping In The Form Of Touchscreen Storefronts

The thing about the phrase “window shopping” as we know it, is it really should be called “window browsing.” Because unless you’re in the market for new fenestration, you’re not really window shopping. But now eBay is making that literal move to turn the term into a truthy one, with virtual stores called “shoppable windows at storefronts in New York City. [More]

IKEA In Beijing Is More Like A Giant Public Living Room

IKEA In Beijing Is More Like A Giant Public Living Room

On our last visit to IKEA earlier this summer, we noted with sadness how there was a certain GAP-like feeling about a lot of the merchandise, by which we mean it seemed dull and forgettable. But maybe we’ve been approaching shopping at IKEA the wrong way.