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Banquet Frozen Dinners Court The Old-Fogey Demographic

Banquet Frozen Dinners Court The Old-Fogey Demographic

For most consumer items, you want to attract customers who are as young as possible in order to win their brand loyalty for life. In the frozen dinner business, that’s become a problem, because people under age 40 or so simply aren’t interested in frozen meals, no matter how fresh and healthy the packages proclaim them to be. [More]

A million is nothing to sneeze at.

Woman Becomes Only The Second Person Ever To Win $1M On ‘Wheel Of Fortune’

With only three letters on the board for a final puzzle on Wheel of Fortune (I say it “Wheel! Of! FORTUNE!” in my head), a 30-year-old California woman solved the word and won a whopping $1 million prize last night. She’s only the second contestant in the show’s history to bring home that hefty amount, which was part of a 30th anniversary celebration. And she’s 30, see? Pat Sajack must be her spirit animal. [via Fox News] [More]