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Man With Prosthetic Leg Says He Was Told To Stay Off Water Park’s Slides

There’s perhaps nothing as refreshing in the heat of summer than splashing around in cool water. But one man said he was kept from the fun and relief a water park’s attractions can bring, after a worker told him he wasn’t allowed to go down slides because he had a prosthetic leg. [More]


Watch Video Of What It’s Like To Test World’s Tallest Water Slide, Feel Like Losing Your Insides

Have you eaten food recently and would you like it to stay eaten? Then maybe you don’t need to see point-of-view footage of what it’s like testing out the world’s tallest water slide, which just hosted its first human riders. Or sliders, whatever. [More]


No Amount Of Money Could Convince Me To Go Down World’s Tallest Water Slide

Oh, hello, soon-to-be world’s tallest water slide at Schlitterbahn park in Kansas City. What’s that you say? You’re going to drop people from almost 140 feet up at speeds over 60 mph? No, no thank you. I’d rather keep my insides intact. [via Gizmodo] [More]

Banzai Slide 'N Splash Whale Pool Box Vs. Reality

Banzai Slide 'N Splash Whale Pool Box Vs. Reality

Three years after we first started pointing it out, Banzai continues to make kiddie pools that are disproportionately smaller than they appear on the box. The latest to enrage the internet is their “Slip ‘N Splash Whale Pool.” On the box it shows four children frolicking. In real life, those would have to be tiny munchkin children. [More]

Banzai Wild Waves Water Park Box Picture Vs Reality

Banzai Wild Waves Water Park Box Picture Vs Reality

Hey kids, want to spend the summer with five of your friends in your very own backyard pool? Then stay the hell away from Banzai’s Wild Waves Water Park! David Ng juxtaposed Banzai’s box art with a picture of his disappointed kids standing next to the fully assembled “water park.” He wasn’t the only one deceived, according to the reviews on Amazon…