Used Cars Can Be Victims Of Identity Theft, Too

When shopping for a used car, buying from a private party in your real-life social network or who you found through an ad is cheaper than going through a dealership, but has some dangers that you may not think to look out for. There are small-time dealers who pretend to be individual sellers, and here’s another thing to keep in mind: cars can be victims of identity theft. [More]

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NHTSA Says It Could Take Days Or Weeks Before All Takata Recalled Vehicles Are Identified

Japanese auto parts maker Takata finally buckled under pressure from federal regulators Tuesday, declaring that nearly 33.8 million vehicles sold in the United State come equipped with airbags that can spew pieces of shrapnel upon deployment. While about 17 million of those vehicles had already been part of recalls by major automakers, millions of others have yet to be identified, leaving consumers wondering if they’re driving around with what some people have likened to an explosive device in their steering wheel. [More]