So Long VHS: Last VCRs Rolling Off The Line This Month

Are you in the market for a brand new Video Cassette Recorder? Then you better head to RadioShack — or another electronics store of yester-year — soon, as the last known company to make the video-playing machines will stop production after this month.  [More]


Poll: 58% Of Americans Still Have A VCR

A new Gallup poll is making me very jealous, because I still have VHS tapes lying around that I can’t watch because my roommate made me throw out my old TV/VCR combo. Anyway! It turns out that 58% of Americans still have a VCR, which yes, is down from the 88% in 2005, but is still remarkable in this age of HD and digital whatnots. Anyone want to watch old taped episodes of My So-Called Life? I’ve got the VHS, if you’ve got the VCR. [Gallup] [More]

Panasonic Won't Replace Defective DVD/VCR Combo

Panasonic Won't Replace Defective DVD/VCR Combo

David in Massachusetts bought a Panasonic combination VCR/DVD player about a year ago. It came with a special feature none of his previous Panasonic VCRs had: it randomly freezes. A lot.

Cage Match: DVD Beats VCR!

For the first time, more Americans have a DVD player than have a VCR says Nielsen Media Research. People aren’t throwing out the VCR: They’ve lost only 1/10th of their popularity, while DVD players are 6 times more popular than they were 6 years ago.

Australians Can Legally Watch Tapes Only Once

Australians Can Legally Watch Tapes Only Once

Did you think American copyright laws were draconian? Thank blazes you didn’t spill forth from the same mucousy marsupial pouch as Yahoo Serious into a lifetime of Australian citizenship.