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VA To Refer Some Vets To CVS MinuteClinics For Care

Veterans Administration, the VA and CVS have partnered for a test program that will have the pharmacy chain’s MinuteClinic urgent care centers treating some veterans for minor injuries and ailments. [More]

Eric Arnold

VA Declares Veterans Dead When They Aren’t

When the U.S. Veterans Administration declares that someone is dead and stops their benefits, 99.83% of the time, that person really is dead. For the thousands of people that’s happened to in the last few years who weren’t dead, though, it’s awfully inconvenient to have the sprawling bureaucracy that they depend on for income and medical care declare that they were. [More]

Stolen VA Laptop Bought By ‘Some Guy’ From Back of Van

Stolen VA Laptop Bought By ‘Some Guy’ From Back of Van

Millions of beleaguered Vets can breathe a wheezy sigh of relief that the stolen laptop that housed their social security numbers has been recovered. But hey, exactly how was it recovered? And how come everyone’s just so gosh darn confident that the data wasn’t accessed?