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State Says “Drinkable Sunscreen” Is “Flat-Out Dangerous”

State Says “Drinkable Sunscreen” Is “Flat-Out Dangerous”

Instead of slathering yourself with messy sunscreen, wouldn’t it be a lot easier if you could just drink a magic potion that would protect you from harmful UV rays? One product says it can do just that, but the state of Iowa alleges that such claims are not only unproven, but dangerous. [More]

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Tanning Salon Barred From Claiming Indoor Tanning Is Safer Than Sitting In The Sun

Because there’s no guarantee that willfully exposing your skin to the sun won’t increase the risk of cancer, whether you’re basking in the rays of a UV lamp or sunning on the beach, a New York tanning salon company has agreed to a settlement that bars it from making misleading health-related claims regarding the harms and benefits of indoor tanning. [More]

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Boeing Creates Self-Cleaning Airplane Bathroom, Claims To Kill 99.99% Of Germs

Ah, the joy of airplane bathrooms: at one point we’ve all had to cram ourselves into the small, overused closets to do our business during a flight. While the facilities are cleaned between flights, some germs or dirt might remain. In a bid to ensure restrooms meet passenger standards, Boeing has created a self-cleaning lavatory.  [More]