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Ron Dauphin

City Of Flint Charged Resident $1,090 In Back Payments For Contaminated Water

It’s jarring enough to receive a large bill when you don’t expect it, but to be asked to pay hundreds of dollars for a tainted product you don’t even want to use is even worse. After last year’s lead poisoning crisis in Flint, MI, state officials say that city’s water now meets governmental guidelines for lead. But although many residents still don’t trust the water, now that the state has ended a subsidy program that reduced their water bills, Flint is asking people to pay up. [More]


What Can You Do When The Utility Company Says You Owe A Bill You Can’t Pay?

Having your gas cut off in the middle of winter isn’t just an annoyance; it can put your health and life at risk. So when your utility company claims you owe them thousands of dollars, you might feel pressured into paying just to keep warm. If you try to dispute the bill and refuse to pay, you may be without heat for months. But if you make a deal to pay some of what you allegedly owe, will you be able to plead your case later? [More]


Broken Meter Leads Family To Fight $12,000 Water Bill For 9 Months

What happens when your local utility company is up to its ears in customer calls? You could end up fighting a hefty water bill for months on end, like one Pittsburgh family that had to battle a $12,241.60 total on their account for nine months. [More]


The IRS Will Not Call To Collect Your Overdue Taxes Via Greendot MoneyPak

Police across the country have a warning for the public. It should be obvious that the Internal Revenue Service will not call you up and threaten to throw you in prison unless you load money onto their prepaid debit card. This isn’t obvious to everyone, though, and scammers use that to their advantage. [More]