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(James LeVeque)

Video Of Confused Lady At Gas Station Leads To Useful Driving Tip

It’s not often that a viral video that gives you giggle fits leads to learning an actual useful piece of information, but it does happen sometimes. Today’s important lesson: how to determine which side of an unfamiliar car the gas tank is on before you park on the wrong side of the pump and make an idiot of yourself. [More]

A Holiday Classic For Our Time: How To Gift-Wrap A Cat

A Holiday Classic For Our Time: How To Gift-Wrap A Cat

In case you’re engaging in some last-minute gift-wrapping of oddly-shaped items today, here’s a rerun of a classic instructional video that you might find helpful. It shows you how to gift-wrap a cat. A very gracious, very sedentary cat. Giving pets as gifts is usually not a good idea, but everyone must wrap a gift that isn’t a perfect cube eventually. [More]

Prison Break is apparently very popular with BitTorrent users in The Netherlands.

Netflix Wants To Know What Movies & Shows You’re Pirating

A friend of mine who managed a sneaker store back in the day when people still went to malls once told me that he kept track of the most-stolen shoes, not just for the purpose of keeping his inventory straight, but so that he’d know which ones the local kids wanted the most. Seems like Netflix is taking a similar view toward video piracy. [More]