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Victoria’s Secret Is Over Bralette Trend, Sticking With Push-Ups

After trying to get into what the cool kids want these days, lingerie veteran Victoria’s Secret has decided to stop trying to be trendy, and just stick with what it knows best: Bras with padding, wiring, and the ability to push things upward. [More]

Google Flights Will Now Alert Users When Airfares Are About To Expire

Google Flights Will Now Alert Users When Airfares Are About To Expire

When you spot an enticing airfare online, it can be hard to walk away from it, only to find when you return even just a day later that the price has skyrocketed. Google Flights is attempting to help travelers avoid that from happening with a new system that notifies them when a good deal on airfare is about to disappear. [More]


Get Excited: U.S. Airlines Will Probably Raise Ticket Prices Next Year

Now that we’ve all gotten used to cheaper flights amid low fuel prices over the last few years, it’s time for the the airline industry to do its best to tick everyone off again by sending fare prices upwards once again. [More]

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Amid Reports Of Billing Issues, FCC Sees Spike In Verizon Wireless Complaints

Amid recent reports of Verizon Wireless customers getting dinged on their phone bills with unexpected data overages, it may come as no surprise that the Federal Communications Commission has seen a spike in complaints related to the company. [More]

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Average ATM Fees Hit Record High For 10th Straight Year

If you were hoping that ATM fees would suddenly drop, making life better for anyone who’s ever been forced to use an out-of-network machine, well, we’ve got some bad news: according to a new survey, average ATM fees were up yet again to $4.57 per transaction, marking the 10th straight year of increases. [More]


Mercedes Working On Delivery Vans That Deploy Robotic Carrier Pigeons

These days, it seems like you can’t turn around without bumping into news about drones or electric vehicles. Mercedes has combined those two trendy topics with one vehicle it’s working on: an electric delivery van outfitted with two small pilotless aircraft capable of carrying small items to their final destination. [More]

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Virgin Galactic Will Resume Flight Tests Of Its Commercial Spacecraft Next Month

Two years after a fatal accident that killed one person, Virgin Galactic is preparing to resume testing of its rocket plane designed to take tourists into space. [More]

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FAA’s New Rules For Commercial Drones Require Aviation Exam, Ban Night Flights

After years of waiting, it looks like the Federal Aviation Administration is finally ready to release a new category of rules governing the use of commercial drones weighing less than 55 pounds. [More]


American Airlines CEO: Carrier Consolidation Means The Industry “Won’t See Losses Again”

Times used to be, airlines were so busy fighting each other for passengers, they ended up losing money instead of making it. But American Airlines CEO Doug Parker says things are different now that many of the major carriers have merged: huge losses are a thing of the past, Parker thinks, predicting smooth skies for the big airlines from here on out. [More]

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NASA Is Working On A Project To Make A Quieter Supersonic Passenger Jet

Sitting in economy class with your knees jammed up to the seat in front of you, fighting for armrest territory with your elbows as weapons, you may have found yourself wishing that your flight would somehow just be over with faster. That’s the future NASA is working on now, with a goal for a “low boom” supersonic jet that could carry travelers to any city in the world in six hours or less. [More]


Amazon Raising Free Shipping Minimum For Non-Prime Shoppers From $35 To $49

In what would appear to be an effort to nudge more people toward paying $99 a year for the free shipping included in a Prime membership, Amazon is raising the free shipping minimum for non-Prime members from $35 to $49. [More]

Reminder: Netflix Users With Grandfathered Standard Streaming Plans Will See A Price Hike Soon

Reminder: Netflix Users With Grandfathered Standard Streaming Plans Will See A Price Hike Soon

Though most current Netflix subscribers got the news last fall that the price of their standard monthly streaming plan would be going up by $1 in a year, there were others that had been grandfathered in and were already paying less for that subscription. Netflix is now reminding those folks that they’ll be facing a $2 price hike soon. [More]


Company Says It’s Successfully Tested A Space-Tourism Balloon That Floats 20 Miles Above Earth

Maybe you don’t have $200,000 to climb aboard one of Virgin Galactic’s planned space tourism flights in the future, or maybe you’d prefer to float over the Earth like Dorothy in a balloon. That’s the goal of one company, which says it’s successfully tested its space-tourism balloon. [More]

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We’re Never Going To Stop Getting Excited About Flying Car News Until We’re All Flying One

It’s 2013. I’m supposed to be riding in a flying car. You are, too. That was the promise we absorbed as children, our imaginations stoked by sci-fi stories, The Jetsons and Marty McFly in Back to the Future Part II. We aren’t in flying cars yet, however, which is why every scrap of news related to them is another ray of childish hope. The latest news has those rays flying around in abundance. [More]

Southwest Airlines' Fare Hike Will Probably Work Because The Other Carriers Are Sheep

Southwest Airlines' Fare Hike Will Probably Work Because The Other Carriers Are Sheep

Whatever Southwest Airlines gets, Southwest AIrlines gets. At least when it comes to instituting price hikes, because when it goes for one, all the other carriers usually fall right in line. This time, Southwest is attempting a $5 increase on one-way routes of less than 500 miles. It’s the eighth attempt this year by airlines to raise fares, and it will probably stick, say experts. [More]

Virgin Galactic Brings First Commercial Spaceport To New Mexico

Virgin Galactic Brings First Commercial Spaceport To New Mexico

Space! We’re all going to space! OMGYAY! Well, maybe not just yet, but the very first commercial spaceport has been opened in New Mexico, thanks to veryrichman Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic. [More]

What Should You Do With Your United and Continental Miles?

What Should You Do With Your United and Continental Miles?

The Continental/United merger may not be officially consummated for several months, if ever. In the meantime, what should you do to make sure your frequent flyer points with the two airlines don’t fly the coop? Consumer Reports has some tips to protect your miles, including cashing some of them in right now, before any changes are made to the reward structure. [More]