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McDonald’s Inches Closer To 24-Hour Breakfast Menu

Some 24-hours McDonald’s restaurants have been offering “Breakfast After Midnight” menus for a while, but now some folks’ dreams of being able to get an Egg McMuffin at 2 a.m. are coming true, with the fast food chain saying it will expand the post-Witching Hour breakfast menu outside of the regions where it’s been being tested. [More]

Which Online Retailers Offer 24/7 Phone Support?

Which Online Retailers Offer 24/7 Phone Support?

One of the reasons a growing number of people choose to shop online is that they never have to worry about getting to the store during business hours, or being rushed to get out of the store when it’s near closing time. But even though almost every e-tailer is open for business 24/7, very few online stores offer around-the-clock customer support. [More]