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Firefighters Rescue Riders From Clutches Of Universal Orlando’s Incredible Hulk Roller Coaster

Although we’d like to think that The Incredible Hulk is the kind of guy who’d save a bunch of people trapped on a roller coaster, the ride bearing his name at Universal Orlando proved to be of a different inclination, after 32 passengers had to be rescued by firefighters when the ride stopped 50 yards short of the landing area. [More]


Universal Orlando Temporarily Banning Visitors From Bringing In Bottled Water, Won’t Say Why

If you’re planning a trip to Universal Orlando in the near future, leave your bottled water and other beverages at home: In a U-turn from its usual policy allowing visitors to bring their own drinks into Universal CityWalk and other theme areas, the park is putting a temporary ban on carry-in liquids. [More]

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12 Passengers Rescued From Universal Orlando Ride After Being Stuck Vertically For Three Hours

It’s not that thrill-seekers don’t expect they’ll be elevated to great heights on roller coasters like the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit at Universal Orlando, but even the person with nary a shred of fear might get restless when stuck vertically at 150 feet in the air for three hours. Twelve passengers on that ride were rescued last night after an apparent technical glitch froze the ride in place near its summit. [More]