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Households Are Using Prepaid Cards More Than Ever Before

Weeks after federal regulators finalized rules aimed at making prepaid cards safer and less costly for consumers, a new report from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. finds that more households are relying on the financial products than ever before.  [More]

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1-In-4 Americans Turn To Payday Loans & Other High-Cost Financial Products

When discussing the topic of payday loans — or other high-cost, short-term financial products like auto-title loans and check-cashing — there can be a tendency to treat them like something that only a small percentage of Americans use. But a new report from the FDIC confirms that 25% of us have turned to one of these potentially predatory services in the past year, and that this rate has not been going down. [More]

How To Get A Checking Account: Solutions For The "Underbanked"

There are three types of unbanked or underbanked people: