Mark Turnauckas

Silicon Valley Stops Sprouting New On-Demand Delivery Services

Until drones and robots are able to deliver our meals and purchases to our homes, we’re stuck with humans doing the job. Yet there’s no amount of logistics genius or venture capitalist that will make on-demand delivery a robust or profitable business, and investors are turning away from the business. [More]

Mike Kalasnik

Harris Teeter Launches Pilot Delivery Program Through Uber

Harris Teeter, the grocery chain with the name most likely to make people of all ages giggle hysterically, is currently testing a delivery partnership with car-hailing service Uber. Yes, instead of ordering a ride to bring you home with your groceries, you can simply order a ride for your groceries, combining the store’s existing order-picking service with drivers who are already cruising around looking for fares. [More]

Uber Lauches UberRUSH Courier Service In Chicago, San Francisco

Uber Lauches UberRUSH Courier Service In Chicago, San Francisco

After spending nearly a year-and-a-half testing a courier service that provides customers with on-demand orders from local businesses in New York, Uber has officially expanded UberRUSH to two additional cities.  [More]


Report: Uber Testing Same-Day Delivery For Retailers

Not content to ferry passengers, packages and food, Uber is reportedly casting its net in the pool of merchant delivery, by taking advantage of both its drivers and its UberRUSH courier service to connect online shoppers with their goods the same day they order them from popular retailers. [More]