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McDonald’s Worker Accused Of Sticking Glass In Cop’s Big Mac In 2005 Wins $437K

It’s the end of a long story that started back in 2005, when a New York City police officer said he bit into shards of glass in his Big Mac after picking up food from the drive-thru a McDonald’s in the Bronx. [More]


Woman Who Let Detroit Keep Her Tax Refund Rewarded With $5,300 Bill From The City

We believe in unicorns and ghosts, but someone voluntarily letting a city keep her tax refund? Yes, such a person really exists, but somehow her act of goodwill toward the city of Detroit has been turned into an ordeal of vastly annoying proportions. The city now claims that she actually owes it $5,300. Good thing she’s kept up on her personal paperwork. [More]


Citizen Uses Baltimore’s Old Scalping Law To Give Ticketmaster A Swift Kick In The Pants

Oh hey, Ticketmaster — you like fees so much? How about you plunk down a little extra cash, say $1,000 per ticket, for violating a 1948 Baltimore anti-scalping ordinance? Not very fun, huh? The ticketing behemoth and city politicians are up in arms after a resident used his knowledge of the old rule to his advantage. [More]