No dudes required.

TrueCar Positions Itself As Alternative To Bringing “A Dude” Car Shopping

There’s a whole lot of buzz today over an ad for and it’s not the good kind: The March video spot, just now catching fire on Facebook and Twitter, features a female customer who is so empowered by the company’s products that she sassily proclaims,”I don’t need to bring a dude with me.” [More]


I Tried Online Car Shopping With TrueCar, Got Same Old Hardball Crap From Dealership

The new site TrueCar is a great concept: you can figure out a price for your car and trade-in online, without any of the frustrating negotiations, or even changing out of your pajamas. Reader Alex used the site to get a price for a new Jeep, and his eight hours of trouble began when he and the dealership valued his trade-in differently. [More]