An example of a wallaby. They are cute.

Pet Owners Seek Help Finding Wandering Wallaby Who’s Been On The Road 8 Months, Probably Eating Triscuits

While you might be thinking what you’re seeing hopping around town is a tiny kangaroo, New York pet owners say it might be their pet wallaby, Indy. He left home eight months ago and has apparently been enjoying a bit of a walkabout, as he’s been spotted in a handful towns in the area where his family lives. Advice if you see him? Try luring him with Triscuits. [More]

Nabisco Zaps Triscuits With Grocery Shrink Ray

Nabisco Zaps Triscuits With Grocery Shrink Ray

It’s time to play Spot the Difference! Between the older Triscuit box on the left and the one on the right, Nabisco made at least four changes. It doesn’t really matter if you can find them all, since only one change matters. [More]