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Cruise Line Tells Man To Pay $853 Re-Booking Fee After Wife Dies

When you’re booking a vacation, one of the last things that you want to ask is, “hey, what happens if someone in my party dies between now and the trip?” A man in Colorado decided to follow his wife’s request before she died and go on a Mediterranean cruise that they had scheduled before she became sick. When he contacted the cruise line to tell them that he would still be going on the cruise but that his companion had died, they imposed an $853 fee. Wait, a fee for what? [More]

Watch Out For Changes To Your Flight Itinerary

Watch Out For Changes To Your Flight Itinerary

Alexandros received an update from Orbitz about his trip and realized that United had changed the time of his flight. For various reasons he couldn’t make the new time, so he was lucky to have caught it—not to mention he could have missed the flight entirely had he not seen the change.