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Toymakers Won’t Let Toys ‘R’ Us Die Because That Would Be Bad For Their Business

Although the news of the Toys ‘R’ Us bankruptcy may have thrown some shoppers into a pre-holidays panic at first, the company will be keeping its stores open and its shelves stocked with toys. Not only because it wants to cash in during its biggest season, but because its suppliers need it to stick around. [More]

American Girl Dolls Will Soon Be Available At Toys ‘R’ Us Stores

American Girl Dolls Will Soon Be Available At Toys ‘R’ Us Stores

When I was but a young Consumerist, the only way to get your hands on an American Girl doll — once parents had been successfully harangued into purchasing the pricey toy — was by mail order. Since then, Pleasant Company, now a subsidiary of Mattel, has 20 stores around the country dedicated to selling the dolls as well as a website. Times are changing yet again: starting next month, the dolls will also be available at Toys ‘R’ Us stores. [More]


FAO Schwarz Flagship Closes In NYC, Forcing All Those Giant Stuffed Animals To Find A New Home

The doors will close, the giant piano keyboard will fall silent and all those giant stuffed animals will lose the attention of adoring crowds when FAO Schwarz’s New York City flagship closes today. Will there be a clearance sale on ginormous tigers, or an auction of oversized musical instruments? It’s unclear, though Toys “R” Us, the owners of FAO Schwarz, says it’s looking for a new home to sell toys and bring in tourists again. [More]


What It’s Like To Run Through A Toy Store And Grab Whatever You Want

Winning the chance to run through a toy store as a kid and grab anything and everything your heart could desire, Nickelodeon’s Super Toy Run was the epitome of luck, making the show’s winners the subject of intense envy back in the ‘80s and early ‘90s. So what was it like to live the dream? [More]

Barnes & Noble Now Taking On Toy Stores To Increase Sales

Barnes & Noble Now Taking On Toy Stores To Increase Sales

Once upon a time, a book store sold books and a toy store sold toys. That is not the way things work now, though. And Barnes & Noble is a prime example of companies selling items outside of their traditional products in an attempt to lift their bottom-line – and it’s working.  [More]

In just a few days, area residents and businesses have raised nearly $80,000 to save Once Upon a Toy.

Community Raises $80,000 In Attempt To Save Local Toy Store

Just a week ago, it looked like an independent Illinois toy store would be going out of business after the bank chose to not renew the store’s business loan for another year. But online efforts to raise money by today’s deadline may have saved the store. [More]