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The Tooth Fairy’s coffers must be running low, as kids across the land can expect less money under their pillow for the second year in a row. According to this year’s survey from Visa, the Tooth Fairy on average is leaving about $3.19 per lost tooth, down $0.24 from last year. That makes two years in a row that the Tooth Fairy has tightened purse strings and left pillows less lumpy than desired. And yet it’s still more than the quarters we used to get as kids, so consider yourselves lucky, kiddos. [via Visa’s Practical Money Skills]

(your friend shauna)

Attention, all you Tooth Fairies out there: The kids you’re visiting are talking on the playground about what kind of haul you’re putting under pillows, and that’s not good for you. Inflation is hitting bedsides across the land, as kids are getting an average of $3.70 per tooth, a 23% spike over last year. All because parents don’t want their child to be the one with the smallest dental payout. [via the Associated Press]

No One Has Marketed The Hell Out Of The Tooth Fairy, Until Now

Visits from the Tooth Fairy are, by their nature, a commercial transaction. Many families buy or make special under-pillow holders that make it easier for the overnight visitor to find the teeth she (or he) is after and leave behind some cash. What the Tooth Fairy lacked was a coordinated marketing campaign with an online game, books, costumes, toys and other merch. Until now. [More]

In These Tough Times, Even The Tooth Fairy Is Cutting Back

Current economic turmoil is so severe that it’s even reaching the magical realm. A survey of parents found that, on average, they were slipping a bit less money under the pillows of their gap-toothed munchkins.