Tom Selleck

(Kat the Northern Lights Man)

Tom Selleck, Agency Reach Tentative Settlement In Water Theft Lawsuit

The world was shocked, simply shocked to hear this week that actor Tom Selleck was embroiled in a water hullabaloo out in California. After the Calleguas Municipal Water District filed a lawsuit accusing the Magnum P.I. star and his wife of stealing water by the truckload from a fire hydrant, the two sides have reportedly reached a tentative settlement. [More]

Foreshadowing the controversy? (Three Men and a Baby)

Lawsuit Accuses Actor Tom Selleck Of Stealing Water From A Public Fire Hydrant During California Drought

While Tom Selleck has a starring role in many fans’ mustache-tic fantasies, the Three Men and a Baby actor is being cast in an entirely different light in a new lawsuit: The Calleguas Municipal Water District claims in a recent complaint that Selleck has been playing a water thief, allegedly pilfering precious water from a public fire hydrant and having it hauled it back to his 60-acre ranch in another water district. [More]