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Today Will Be Extra Long, But Businesses Promise It Won’t Crash Their Computers This Time

If today feels like a really long day, that’s because it is. There’s going to be a leap second this evening, making Tuesday 24 hours and one second long. The last time this happened, in 2012, a lot of computers took issue with time going all wonky and systems worldwide crashed as a result. This time around, the big businesses promise they’ve learned their lesson, and we should be able to look forward to business as normal. [More]


Feel Like The Trip Home Is Quicker Than The Trip There? Science Says You’re Not Alone

After reading the above headline, you’re probably already saying to yourself, “Yessss I know exactly what that feeling is!” The “return trip effect” is one we’ve all likely experienced — it seems to take a long time to get somewhere — whether it’s vacation, a visit to relatives or a business destination — and a much quicker time to arrive back home again, even though you traveled the same distance. Scientists are on the case to try and explain why we all feel this way. [More]

Apple Bans Time-Telling Apps From Apple Watch

Apple Bans Time-Telling Apps From Apple Watch

When it comes to telling the time with an Apple Watch, there’s only one king of the roost so far as the company is concerned, which means any other developers trying to enter the App Store with watch apps for the Apple Watch will get roundly rejected. [More]

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Manipulating Outbrain Service Allows Group To Hack Sites Of Washington Post, CNN, Time

It’s been a few months since we last heard from the Syrian Electronic Army, but the hackers appear to be back in full effect with a short takeover of the sites of the Washington Post, CNN and Time earlier today. You might remember those guys as the group behind hacks of The Onion and the Associated Press this past spring. [More]